As with many programs, QuickBooks has a number of keyboard shortcuts that can save you some real time. Rather than going back and forth between your keyboard and your mouse, you donā€™t have to let your hands leave the keys.

Ctrl+A Open the Chart of Accounts
Ctrl+D Delete the check, invoice, transaction, or item from the list you have open
Ctrl+E Edit the transaction selected in the register
Ctrl+F Display the Find window
Ctrl+G Go to the other side of a transfer transaction
Ctrl+H Open the Transaction History, e.g. to look at an invoice and see which payments have been applied to it
Ctrl+I Display the Create Invoice Window
Ctrl+J Display the Customer:Job List Window
Ctrl+L Open a List, if the cursor is in a field that has a dropdown list
Ctrl+M Memorize a transaction
Ctrl+N Create a new one of whatever is active at the time
Ctrl+O In the Write Checks window, this copies the current check. In the check register, use Ctrl+V to create (paste) a copy of that check.
Ctrl+P Print the currently active register, list, or form
Ctrl+R Display the Register window
Ctrl+T Display the memorized transaction list
Ctrl+W Display the Write Checks window
Ctrl+Insert Insert a line into a list of items or expenses, or a line in a transaction
Ctrl+Delete Delete the selected line from a list of items or expenses, or the selected line in a transaction
Ctrl+Page Up Go to the first line in a list or register
Ctrl+Page Down Go to the last line in a list or register
F1 Open the Help window
F2 Display the Product Information window, which can be helpful when diagnosing problems in QuickBooks
Esc Close the current window
Ctrl+F4 Close the current window, same as Esc
Ctrl+F6 Move to the next open window and make it active
Ctrl+Tab Move to the next open window, same as Ctrl+F6
(+) or (-) Increase or decrease a number in a form, e.g. check number or invoice number
Alt+S Save the current transaction
Alt+N Save the current transaction and start a new one
Alt+P Go to the previous transaction
Tab Go to the next Field
Shift+Tab Go to the previous field
Up or Down Arrow Go to the previous or next line in a form
Date Shortcuts
(+) or (-) Go to the next or previous date
T Today
W First day of the week
K Last day of the week
M First day of the month
H Last day of the month
Y First day of the year
R Last day of the year
[ Left bracket – same day in previous week
] Right bracket – same day in next week
; Semi colon – same day last month
Apostrophe – same day next month